Business Schools in New England and the Northeast with Online MBA Programs

Whether business professionals want to move up in a company, start their own business, or expand to international waters, earning an MBA can advance these objectives. With the array of specializations available in MBA programs, professionals can expand their core business knowledge and work within a specific niche. Here are just some of the fields that can be studied through the lens of business administration: healthcare, insurance and risk management, human resources, information technology, internet finance, marketing, advertising, financial planning, organizational health, athletics, sustainability, cybersecurity, and engineering, among others.

An MBA can also advance a career, moving employees into management or higher management, and placing them in line for promotions or securing a different job with more responsibilities or increased pay. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, employees who held an MBA as opposed to just a bachelor’s degree earned from 38 to 89 percent more, depending on their career field.

In addition, earning an MBA can give professionals the opportunity to grow their network. Many advanced business school programs see the benefits of building relationships while students earn a degree—with other students, professors, businesses and business-owners. Colleges and universities are making it easier to connect with these individuals and expand networks. Other benefits include learning to be an entrepreneur, employer tuition reimbursement programs, and more job security.

The majority of business schools offer multiple pathways to completing a degree, offering fully online, fully on campus, or hybrid programs to meet busy professionals’ needs. Some online MBA programs are 100 percent online with no campus visits required, while some require a limited number of campus visits for intensives and certain parts of lab courses, or to present a final project. Entrance requirements may require professional experience, graduate exams (sometimes with waivers available for meeting certain criteria), and competitive grade point averages on undergraduate work.

An MBA degree can also be full-time or part-time, and there are general MBAs, accelerated MBAs, and executive MBAs, all of which may have specializations as mentioned above. In addition, some programs are now offered with a dual degree option that takes less time and money to complete than pursuing each degree separately.

Here are fourteen standout online MBA programs based in New England and the Northeast, including discussions of coursework, tuition, and six exceptional professors.


Professors to Know in Business Programs Based in the Northeast

Business schools in the Northeast with online MBA programs are led by many experienced, knowledgeable business professionals. Here are three outstanding professors from online MBA programs.

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    Yaa Akosa Antwi, PhD – Johns Hopkins University

    Dr. Yaa Akosa Antwi is an assistant professor at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. Her focus areas are economics for decision-making, health economics, and healthcare strategy. Her research interests include healthcare reform effects on coverage, the effect of reimbursement incentives on patient outcomes, access, and utilization, and prices and competition in hospital markets. She holds a PhD in applied economics and management from Carnegie Mellon University.

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    Robert Barbato, PhD – Rochester Institute of Technology

    Dr. Robert Barbato is a management professor at the Saunders College of Business. His primary research and teaching interests include organizational behavior, entrepreneurship, and business ethics. Professor Barbato has taught business administration courses all over the world, including in the Czech Republic, Dubai, England, Ethiopia, Hungary, Kosovo, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea. Since the MBA program may require enrolled students to travel internationally, Professor Barbato’s background experience with the business economy of several countries can benefit students greatly.

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    Sarah Bonzo, PhD – Oswego State University

    Dr. Sarah Bonzo is an associate professor in the School of Business and serves as the program coordinator for the MBA in health services administration program. Her research and teaching interests include operations management, lean thinking, socio-technical systems, and healthcare quality. She holds a PhD in industrial and operations engineering from the University of Michigan. She has published in Systems Engineering, Quality Management in Healthcare, and IISE Transactions on Healthcare Systems Engineering. In addition to her faculty appointment, Dr. Bonzo works with health systems and device manufacturers to improve patient flow and safety.

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    Douglas M. Boyle, PhD – University of Scranton

    Dr. Douglas M. Boyle is an accounting professor and is the accounting department director at the University of Scranton in Scranton, PA. His more than 25 years of experience in the areas of finance, business turnarounds, corporate governance, operations, and leadership lend to his expertise as a professor in the online MBA program. He holds several awards including the University of Scranton Provost’s Excellence in Research Award (2012) as well as awards from PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the Institute of Internal Auditors, and the Institute of Management Accountants. Courses he teaches include auditing, leadership, finance, strategy, and accounting.

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    Will Geoghegan, DBA, MBA – Syracuse University

    Dr. Will Geoghegan is an assistant professor of management at The Martin J. Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University. His research interests include innovation systems, entrepreneurship, strategic management, and technology transfer. He holds a PhD from the National University of Ireland, Galway. He is published in The Irish Journal of Management, Science and Public Policy, and Prometheus. Courses he has taught include competitive strategy, corporate strategy, and designing high performance organizations.

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    Murad Mithani, PhD – Stevens Institute of Technology

    Dr. Murad Mithani currently teaches technology and innovation management, information technology strategy, and strategic management. He earned his PhD in business management from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York and his master of science in physics entrepreneurship from Case Western Reserve University in Ohio. His research interests include corporate social responsibility, organizational politics, and strategic change. Dr. Mithani has received recent awards for best strategy research paper from the Southern Management Association and best research project from Boston University’s Smart Lighting Competition.


Featured Online MBA Programs Based in the Northeast

1The George Washington University View Full Profile

This part-time online program requires the completion of 55.5 credits. Students begin in January, May, or August and complete two courses at a time during 14-week semesters. George Washington University offers several specialty MBA concentrations. These include consulting, finance, global management, government contracts, healthcare, information systems and technology management, and project management. The school doesn’t require MBA candidates to choose a concentration, but rather allows them to select one or two areas of customization to help them meet specific career goals. Notably, George Washington University is located four blocks from the White House.

2Johns Hopkins University, Carey Business School View Full Profile

The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School offers an online MBA with one of three concentrations: financial businesses, healthcare management, and leading organizations. The program is mostly online, requiring three weekend residencies on campus. This 54-credit program offers start dates in the fall, spring, and summer. Applicants must have at least two years of professional work experience. A GMAT is required but a waiver is available. Students must have a 3.0 or greater GPA for undergraduate work. Courses include business communications, negotiation, economics for decision making, corporate finance, and more. Johns Hopkins also offers dual MBA degrees in biotechnology, communication, and engineering.

3Northeastern University, D’Amore McKim School of Business View Full Profile

Northeastern University offers an online MBA with a general track or in one of nine concentrations: finance, general management, healthcare management, high technology management, innovation entrepreneurship, international management, marketing, supply chain management, and sustainability. The program is 100 percent online and requires the completion of 50 credits, offering start dates in September and January. Applicants must have at least five years of professional work experience. No GMAT is required. Students must have a 3.0 or greater GPA for undergraduate work. Courses include identifying strategic implications in accounting data, creating and sustaining customer markets, enterprise growth and innovation, and more.

4Syracuse University, Martin J. Whitman School of Management

Syracuse University offers an online MBA with one of six concentrations: accounting, business analytics, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing management, and supply chain management. The program is 100 percent online. This 54-credit program offers start dates in January, April, July, and October. Applicants must have at least one year of professional work experience. A GMAT is required but a waiver is available with five years of work experience. Students must have a 3.0 or greater GPA for undergraduate work. Courses include data analysis and decision making, microeconomics, legal and ethical environment of business, managerial finance, and more.

5The University of Delaware, Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics

The University of Delaware offers an online MBA with one of five concentrations: business analytics, strategic leadership, finance, healthcare, and international business. The program is 100 percent online. This 44-credit program offers start dates in the fall, spring, and summer. Applicants must have at least two years of professional work experience. A GMAT is required but a waiver is available based on work, GPA, and math education history. Students must have a 2.8 or greater GPA for undergraduate work and can combine any two or more concentrations for a greater knowledge base and specialization. Courses include financial reporting and analysis, managing people, teams, and organizations, ethical issues in domestic and global business environments, and more.

6The University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business

The University of Maryland offers an online MBA with a general track or one of four concentrations: accounting, finance, information systems and business analytics, and supply chain management. The program is mostly online with two residencies required. The program requires completion of 54 credits and offers start dates in fall, spring, and summer. Applicants must have at least two years of professional work experience. A GMAT is required; however, a waiver is available. Students must have a 3.0 or greater GPA for undergraduate work. Courses include leadership and teamwork, corporate finance, decision modeling, strategic information systems, and more.

Norwich University offers an online MBA with a general track or one of six concentrations: project management, construction management, energy management, finance, organizational leadership, or supply chain management and logistics. The program is mostly online with a one-week residency required the June following (or concurrent with) a student’s final course. The program requires completion of 36 credits and offers start dates in March, June, September, and December. Applicants must have at least two years of professional work experience. No GMAT is required. Students must have a 2.7 or greater GPA for undergraduate work. Courses include strategic resource management, managerial finance, strategic marketing and operations management, and more.

The University of Scranton offers an online MBA with a general track or one of six specializations: accounting, enterprise resource planning, healthcare management, human resources, international business, and operations management. This 36-credit program offers six start dates landing in fall, spring, and summer, depending on when classes are offered, and is 100 percent online. Applicants must have at least three years of supervisory or professional work experience. No GMAT is required and students must have a 3.0 or greater GPA for undergraduate work. Courses include managerial economics, organizational behavior, management information systems, marketing management, and more.

The online MBA at Hofstra University consists of 45 credits divided into three broad classifications. These include advanced core, core competencies, and a major concentration. Students can choose the cohort option and finish in two years or the non-cohort option and take up to five years to complete. Example courses in each classification include accounting and financial reporting, a survey of economics, and strategic planning in marketing. The MBA at Hofstra University has received designations as “Best Business Schools” and “Top 25 Online MBA Programs” from the Princeton Review, as well as “Best Online Programs” by U.S. News and World Report in 2018.

Manhattan College offers an online MBA with a general track or one of three concentrations: analysis and risk management, leadership and social justice, organizations and the competitive environment. The program is 100 percent online. The program requires completion of 36 credits and offers start dates in fall, spring, and summer. Applicants must have at least three years of professional work experience. A GMAT is not required unless the applicant does not meet the other requirements for the program. Students must have a 3.0 or greater GPA for undergraduate work. Courses include going global: business and society, supply chain analysis, managerial economics, and more.

Students enrolled in Oswego State’s online MBA program must complete 36 credit-hours in coursework to build foundational management skills. Classes include managerial information systems, finance, and marketing. In the health services administration concentration, students complete 45 hours of electives and 21 hours of foundational business classes. Sample courses in this specialization include healthcare systems in the United States, managerial epidemiology, and economics of healthcare. There’s also a public accounting concentration available, comprising classes such as the management of financial institutions, investment analysis, and project management.

12Rochester Institute of Technology, Saunders College of Business

This is a cohort-based system, which means that students begin the program and take courses with the same small group of online MBA students, completing two courses simultaneously every four weeks. All online MBA students must attend a campus orientation for three days before officially starting the program. Examples of some of the 24 courses include accounting and organizational goals, leadership development, marketing strategy, budgeting, and international finance. The Saunders College of Business received recognition among the “Best Online MBA Programs” by U.S. News and World Report and “Top 25 Online MBA programs” from Entrepreneur Magazine, both in 2017.

The MBA program at the Stevens Institute of Technology emphasizes collaboration through presentations and group projects as it develops critical and creative thinkers in a business environment. It offers a field consulting program, matching students with a partner company to explore an opportunity or a complex problem in a real business. Students can select a concentration in financial management, financial and managerial accounting, or economics for managers. Examples of core curriculum courses in all three concentrations include leadership development, statistical models, global business and markets, strategic management, and marketing management. The program is available online or on campus.

Online MBA students at University of Massachusetts-Lowell can choose from one of seven concentrations. These include accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, information technology, international business, leadership, or marketing. The school’s MBA program has earned recognition among the “Best Online MBA Programs” from U.S. News and World Report and as a “Best Business School” by the Princeton Review. Financial accounting, managing organizational change, managerial leadership, international business, and management consulting are examples of core-level courses for all MBA programs. Each program consists of 30 to 42 credits (ten to 16 courses), depending on one’s area of specialization.

A-Z List of Northeastern Business Schools with Online MBA Programs

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The MBA@American curricula focus on hands-on projects, applied learning and in person immersion experiences. Throughout the program, students are taught about finance, marketing, business analytics, international business, management principles, ethics, and strategic decision-making, among other subjects.


GW’s healthcare MBA program seeks to combine skills business management, leadership, decision-making, and strategic thinking skills that apply directly to the healthcare industry. Courses are designed to bring real-world problems into the online classroom as well as into practicum and study-abroad opportunities.


The flexible online MBA is designed to meet working professionals where they’re at allowing part-time attendance and up to 6 years to complete the degree. The MBA is designed to graduate business leaders who can address the most difficult problems in society in the areas of healthcare management, financial businesses, real estate and infrastructure, and enterprise risk management.


NEU prides itself on outstanding innovation, excellence in research and teaching, and experiential learning. In order to combine world-class academics and meaningful business experience, the online MBA program uses real-world case studies in many of the courses to help students merge these two worlds.

The online MBA core courses focus on strategic management of organizations including human motivation, measurement of performance, quality leadership, and organizational culture; managerial finance, including financial planning, analysis, budgeting, and risk analysis; and strategic marketing and operations management, including the product lifecycle model which integrates the two concepts.


Simmons University Simmons School of Management offers the online MBA@Simmons, a highly interactive program that includes live, face-to-face weekly classes, collaborative assignments, small class sizes, and two in-person immersion experiences. The programs are part-time and offer an opportunity to working professionals to earn an MBA while still managing personal and professional obligations.

The Stillman MBA focuses on ethically centered leadership with purpose. This creates unique business leaders who stand out among colleagues. Students develop a functional knowledge of business enterprises and skills in effective communication, global management, technology, and analytical and critical thinking.

SNHU’s MBA can be completed in just over one year and is one of the most affordable MBAs in the nation. It is designed to create business leaders who are able to reshape organizations for the better, become successful entrepreneurs, and understand the global economy. With such a variety of concentrations available, business professionals can tailor their degree to their specific career path.

The St. John’s University MBA curriculum utilizes case studies, current technology, research, analytics, and real-world projects to convey current business concepts. Learning outcomes include skills in strategic decision-making, global perspectives, global finances, marketing management, risk management, and business analytics.

MBA@Syracuse students participate in weekly, live, face-to-face classes where they can interact with faculty and other students. The online program allows professionals to earn an MBA without moving, driving to a campus several times a week, or putting a career on hold. Students learn analytical and decision-making skills while studying accounting, data analysis, finance, organizational leadership, project management, marketing, and entrepreneurship, among other subjects.


During the Lerner MBA program, students participate in two workshop courses. These workshops set the program apart along with other factors such as the highly educated PhD professors with comprehensive business experience; the accelerated course format; personal career coaching services; and the flexibility to earn multiple concentrations.

Students attending the Smith online MBA program can enjoy an atmosphere of entrepreneurship that prepares them to assess the potential success of a business venture, as well as create one from the ground up. Innovation begins with the curriculum and extends through courses into real-world experiences that prepare students to tackle issues in all areas of the business world.

The University of Scranton online MBA program prepares students to face today’s business challenges, creating proactive leaders who are able to make ethical business decisions. Students also learn sustainable business practices, effective decision-making skills, how to create delivery systems, and global perspectives.

Utica College offers one of the most affordable MBAs in the country at under $20,000 and the program is 100 percent online to provide flexibility for working professionals. MBA graduates can gain competency in the following areas: leadership and management philosophies, data-driven decision making, ethics in leadership, budgeting, cost analysis, forecasting, marketing, planning, global supply and demand, and strategic analysis.


The Villanova University online MBA program offers real world experiences and immersions combined with solid academics to create a well-rounded, prepared business leader. The curriculum focuses on ethics, creative decision-making and problem-solving, management accounting, technology, a global perspective, corporate finance, strategic marketing, and 21st century business operations, among other areas.


Widener University, located in Chester, Pennsylvania, combines theory, professional development, and hands-on activities to offer exceptional online MBA degrees. All students complete the required courses and electives in addition to five non-credit professional development workshops.

Learning outcomes for the Winthrop online MBA include the skills in ethics, leadership, critical thinking, strategic thinking, problem solving, communication, and marketing. Winthrop University, located in Rock Hill, South Carolina, is proud to be one of the 5 percent of MBA programs worldwide to secure AACSB accreditation.