Walden University Online Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Do you want to reach your leadership potential and help change the world through business? Find your path with Walden University’s ACBSP-accredited online Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program. Walden is a top choice of business leaders and the No. 1 granter of doctoral management/business degrees in the U.S.

Why choose Walden for your online DBA program?

  • Accredited program: Walden’s DBA program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), ensuring it meets national standards of quality endorsed by businesses, government, and other organizations.
  • Customized path: Choose from three DBA capstone options and participate in real-world consulting opportunities.
  • Personalized support: Get one-on-one assistance from Enrollment Specialists, financial aid advisors, dedicated faculty and staff, and peer mentors, along with access to technology support and a full-service Writing Center.
  • Doctoral Degree Coach®: Benefit from this interactive online resource that helps doctoral students stay on track throughout their journey.
  • Commitment to social change: At Walden, social change is at the heart of all its programs. A degree from Walden can empower you play a bigger role in creating positive, sustainable change in your organization, your community, and beyond.
  • Flexible start date: Begin your Walden online DBA program when it’s most convenient for you—there are four start dates throughout the year.

Those with a master’s degree or higher may apply. If admitted, students will complete a doctoral writing assessment during their first term to help ensure they are prepared to meet the demands of writing at a doctoral level.

The Walden DBA program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). Walden University programs are offered exclusively online; there is no physical campus.

What to Expect from the Walden Online DBA Program

Admission Requirements: Applicants to the Walden online DBA program must hold a master’s degree or higher from an accredited institution. No minimum GPA is required. Application materials include a completed online application and official transcripts. GMAT and GRE test scores are not required. Professional work experience is expected. Walden Enrollment Specialists are available to guide applicants through the process.

Study Plan: The Walden online DBA program may be completed in under three years; however, students have up to eight years to finish. Transfer credits could reduce the time to completion. Students can find support through Doctoral Degree Coach®, faculty, peer mentors, and student advocates.

DBA Curriculum: The DBA program requires the completion of at least 68 credits and includes two residencies plus a capstone. Courses include Business Essentials, Contemporary Challenges in Business, Organizational Leadership: Doctoral Theory and Practice, Business Strategy and Innovation for Competitive Advantage, Qualitative and Quantitative Methodology for Applied Business Research, Qualitative and Case Study Methodology for Business Analysis Research, and Quantitative Business Data Analysis Using SPSS.

Specialization options/courses are as follows:

  • Entrepreneurship: Seminar in Innovation Management, Seminar in B2B Marketing, and Seminar in Entrepreneurial Finance.
  • Healthcare Management: Seminar in Healthcare Managerial Decision-Making, Seminar in Managing Healthcare Delivery Systems, and Seminar in Law and Ethics in Healthcare Management.
  • Human Resource Management: The New HR: The Savvy Strategic Partner, Succession Planning: A Survival Tool of the Fittest, and An HR Plan for Organizational Agility.
  • Leadership: Seminar in Change Management, Seminar in Sustainability, and Seminar in Multicultural Management.
  • Self-Designed: Students choose three electives from the other specializations to create their own specialization.

Online Experience: All new Walden students participate in an online orientation to familiarize themselves with myWalden, the portal where they will access courses, manage finances, register for classes, and more. Courses are delivered asynchronously and include weekly deadlines.

Walden students have access to academic and writing help, as well as online forums where they can discuss work-life balance and careers. This is also a great platform to get help from faculty, fellow students, alumni, and Student Success Advisors. Finally, students have access to 24/7 technical support.

On-Site Requirements: There are two required residencies and one optional residency for the DBA program, taking place at locations around the country. The first residency is completed at the beginning of the program while taking one of the following courses: Contemporary Challenges in Business or Organizational Leadership: Doctoral Theory and Practice. This residency is required in order to advance to either Business Strategy and Innovation for Competitive Advantage or Qualitative and Case Study Methodology for Business Analysis Research.

The second residency is completed just prior to the start or during the first few weeks of Qualitative and Case Study Methodology for Business Analysis Research. This residency is required to advance to Quantitative Business Data Analysis Using SPSS.

An optional doctoral study intensive is also available, for which students must contact Student Success Advising to find out more information and register.

Paying for the Walden Online DBA

Walden University recommends speaking with a Walden Enrollment Specialist to find out tuition costs and fees and to learn about current tuition reduction opportunities and financial aid for those who apply and qualify. Tuition totals vary depending on previous education, which can affect transferred credits. Military benefits may apply as well. Contact the Walden University admissions office for a customized tuition assessment.

Walden University may offer grant and scholarship opportunities to graduate business students. In addition, students may apply for federal grants and loans through the FAFSA®. Other funding options may include grants and scholarships from outside resources such as community or other organizations and employer tuition reimbursement programs.

Walden University Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

  • Offers five specializations and three capstone options for maximum flexibility
  • Doctoral students have access to Student Success Advising and the Doctoral Degree Coach® tool
  • Topics of study include organizational leadership, contemporary business challenges, qualitative and quantitative methodologies, relationship management, ethics, and globalization.
Program Essentials
Degree Level Doctoral Degree
Program Start Dates Fall, Spring, Summer
Credits Needed to Graduate 68
Time to Complete? As little as 2.25 years.
100% Online? Yes. Two residencies required; students my choose in-person or virtual
Program Accreditation ACBSP
Program Admissions
Level of Education Required? Master's Degree
GPA Required? None
GRE or GMAT Required? No
Work Experience Required? Work experience expected
Program Tuition
Credit Hours 68
Average Cost Per Credit $680
Estimated Program Tuition * $50,655 (for the 2.25-year completion)

*Tuition is calculated based on credits, at the published tuition rate. For programs with variable tuition rates, we use the out-of-state, part-time student rate. Tuition number represents the cost of tuition for the entire program, not per semester or year. Total cost of tuition does not include additional fees, unless otherwise specified. Please see the school website for the most up-to-date tuition costs.

FAFSA® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Education.

Time to completion and cost are not estimates of individual experience and will vary based on individual factors applicable to the student. Factors may be programmatic or academic such as tuition and fee increases and/or the student’s transfer credits accepted by Walden; program or specialization changes; unsuccessful course completion; credit load per term; writing, research and editing skills; use of external data for their doctoral study/dissertation; and/or individual progress in the program. Other factors may include personal issues such as the student’s employment obligations; care giving responsibilities or health issues; part-time vs. full-time enrollment; leaves of absence; and/or other personal circumstances.

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Sara Navratil

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