ACBSP-Accredited Online MBA Programs


For many aspiring business managers and executives, a master of business administration (MBA) degree represents a critical educational achievement that can open new doors. While an undergraduate degree in business is helpful for the beginning of a career, an MBA degree can arm businessmen and women with the knowledge and experience they need to progress through the ranks of the corporate world—or to jump-start their own endeavors.

A report published by Payscale showed that MBA graduates not only earn significantly more than their counterparts who just have bachelor’s degrees, but also that they can make more than $3 million over the course of their lifetime. However great the rewards, an MBA degree is a lot of work. MBA coursework can be difficult and time-consuming, which may deter many applicants. Fortunately, MBAs are becoming more accessible to working professionals.

The emergence of online MBA programs in recent years provides the flexibility for students to study from home and on a schedule that best fits their situations. In some cases, students may only need to take one or two courses per semester, allowing them to continue working and study at their own pace.

Naturally, with so many MBA programs now in existence, it can be difficult to determine which one is the right choice. Prospective students should look for a program that is properly accredited. One of the most reputable accrediting agencies for business programs is the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). This accreditation is modeled on the Baldrige National Quality Program and focuses on recognizing teaching excellence (e.g., scholarly activity), determining student outcomes (e.g., satisfaction with program, learning outcomes, retention rates, enrollment), pinpointing key performance metrics and program resources, and integrating a continuous improvement model. Notably, ACBSP-accredited business schools have close connections with business and entrepreneurial initiatives, which can help students and graduates gain practical experience and network with employers.

ACBSP has accredited nearly 3,000 programs at more than 430 campuses across the world. Below, prospective MBA students can find eight ACBSP-accredited online programs throughout the nation, as well as three professors who lead courses in schools that offering these degrees.

Featured ACBSP-Accredited Online MBA Programs

Professors to Know in ACBSP-Accredited Online MBA Programs

  • Donna Lane, PhD, Southern Oregon University

    Dr. Donna Lane teaches courses on business research, international business, and a business planning capstone at the School of Business at Southern Oregon University. Dr. Lane served as chair of the School of Business from 2011 to 2014 following her position as the MBA coordinator, during which she implemented the full-time evening MBA program. She has written an advanced Excel XP book titled The Select Series: Microsoft Excel 2002 Advanced and a number of instructors’ manuals for various computer applications.

  • Janet Marta, PhD, Northwest Missouri State University

    Dr. Janet Marta is an associate professor in the Melvin D. & Valorie G. Booth School of Business at Northwest Missouri State University. She has taught courses on the principles of marketing, marketing management, international business, and business case, among others, and her academic interests include marketing concepts, marketing ethics, and international business ethics. In addition, Dr. Marta has authored and co-authored work published in various influential publications, such as the Journal of Small Business Management and the Marketing Education Review.

  • Syed M. Ahmed, PhD, Cameron University

    Dr. Syed M. Ahmed is an economics professor and the director of the Business Research Center at Cameron University. He has published articles in numerous impactful peer-reviewed journals, including Applied Economics, Journal of Asian Economics, International Trade Journal, and the Journal of International Economics and Integration, among many others. Dr. Ahmed is currently working on issues in international financial integration and financial sector reform in developing economies.