One-Year Online MBA Programs - Accelerated MBA (12-16 Months)


Among aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders, obtaining a master’s of business administration (MBA) is seen as a crucial stepping stone towards a successful career in the business world. Reputable MBA programs provide students with valuable knowledge and hands-on training to help them thrive in the job market upon graduation.

Of course, an MBA is widely recognized as a grueling pursuit—one that requires participants to make time in an already busy schedule to attend classes on campus. That said, a wide array of online MBA programs have emerged that allow students to attain this degree at a distance with more flexibility than traditional routes.

Many full-time online MBA programs take two years to complete, although this may depend on the background of the student and his or her intended specialization, among other variables. There’s a growing number of one-year online MBA programs, sometimes known as accelerated programs. In reality, accelerated MBA programs have been commonplace in Europe for some time, and are now gaining popularity in the United States. An accelerated online MBA can be the ideal choice for those who are able to commit to a rigorous, generally full-time, course of study in order to hone their ability to manage a business and refine their knowledge and skills in a particular field. Overall, a one-year program is viewed as equal to a two-year program in the eyes of recruiters.

Online one-year MBAs are extremely time-intensive and are best suited for students who already have a strong background in business fundamentals; in fact, in many cases, accelerated programs show preference for applicants who already possess a bachelor’s degree in business. The one-year online MBA program offered by Murray State University, for example, highlights the importance of approaching this type of degree with business school experience; specifically, the school mentions that students who have taken classes on financial accounting, managerial accounting, macroeconomics, microeconomics, business calculus, and other foundational classes will be able to finish the program in a much shorter amount of time.

It’s also important to note that an accelerated MBA may save students money since it only takes one year, providing a quicker return on investment than longer programs. As mentioned, however, attending a one-year or accelerated online MBA program generally requires a full-time commitment and it can be difficult to hold down a full-time job while completing such a program. Most business schools, in fact, recommend that those working full-time opt for a part-time or flexible MBA program instead. This guide highlights eight reputable accelerated online MBA programs, as well as three professors leading courses at schools that offer these online.

Note that extends the definition of “accelerated” to include online MBA programs that take 12-16 months to complete, as there are several that take an extra 2-4 months beyond the one-year mark, but can also be considered “accelerated” relative to other MBA programs. We display program duration for each online MBA in our list below.

Featured One-Year Online MBA Programs
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Professors to Know in Accelerated Online MBA Programs

Courses in accelerated online MBA programs are generally led by talented educators who are renowned in their field. Here are three professors who currently work at schools offering online MBA degrees:

  • S. Selcuk Erenguc, DBA

    Dr. S. Selcuk Erenguc is the George W. and Lisa O. Etheridge, Jr. Professor at the Warrington College of Business, where he also serves as the senior associate dean. His research interests include manufacturing planning and control, project planning and scheduling, and supply chain management. He currently teaches mathematical modeling and operations management in the undergraduate and graduate programs. Dr. Erenguc has also authored a number of articles in various peer-reviewed journals, including the Naval Research Logistics Quarterly; the European Journal of Operational Research; Decision Sciences; and the International Journal of Operations and Production Management.

  • John Delaney, PhD

    Dr. John Delaney is a professor of management within the Kogod School of Business at American University, where he also serves as the dean. Dr. Delaney has received a number of awards and recognitions, including the he Society for Human Resource Management (University of Iowa, Hawkeye Chapter) Outstanding Professor Award (1994-1995); the University of Illinois School of Labor and Employment Relations Distinguished Alumni Award (2011); and the University of Pittsburgh Katz Graduate School of Business H.J. Zoffer Medal for Meritorious Service (2015). He is also recognized for his scholarship in dispute resolution, labor-management relations, and negotiations.