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An online master’s of business administration (MBA) program paired with a second degree requires a significant commitment of time and dedication. Even so, the skills and knowledge obtained from these programs can prepare graduates for leadership roles with higher salaries and greater opportunities. Luckily, there are many types of dual-degree MBA programs offered by universities online, which provide working professionals flexibility and the ability to complete the degrees in less time, often with a cost-saving component.

So what dual-degree MBA programs are offered online? Many dual-degree MBA programs are designed to prepare working professionals with the knowledge and expertise required to fill higher level positions in specific industries, such as engineering, finance, healthcare, law and legal services, among others. Some popular dual-degree MBA programs are paired with master of legal studies (MLS), master of jurisprudence (MJ) and master of science (MS) in various disciplines, including finance, health administration, nursing or engineering.

To support skills required for positions in specialized fields, dual-degree MBA programs are typically divided into two sections. One section will consist of core MBA courses and electives to explore key business concepts and business management fundamentals. The second portion will consist of classes related to the second degree and may include the opportunity for students to prepare a capstone project or take an accreditation test for their specific field. Within dual-degree programs, universities will also often allow students to pursue a focus track or concentration as part of one or both of their degrees. However, application and graduation requirements as well as courses may vary widely from one school to another.

Innovative online dual-degree MBA programs, like those mentioned in the following profiles, may offer 100 percent online curricula, which provide tremendous flexibility advantages for students. This is possible because advances in recent instructional technology now offer an online educational experience equivalent to, and in many ways better than, instruction on campus, yet unconstrained by distance or time.

One of the single biggest advantages of pursuing an online dual-degree program is the money it can save students in the long run. Many colleges design dual-degree programs that can be completed in a shorter period than if the degrees were pursued separately, which can save students money. And even should online tuition rates be identical to those on campus, online programs can present more cost-effective alternatives to on-campus programs because of savings on costs like relocation, childcare, and transportation.

The following guide presents seven dual MBA programs offered entirely online, and profiles three outstanding faculty members from universities offering these innovative programs.

Featured Online Dual Degree MBA Programs

1Arizona State University – Dual MBA / MLS, MS or MSEView Full Profile

Arizona State University’s W. P. Carey School of Business offers three online dual-degrees in conjunction with its master of business administration (MBA) program including:

  • MBA/master of legal studies (MLS) – Legal Services
  • MBA/master of science (MS) – Industrial Engineering
  • MBA/master of science (MSE) – Electrical Engineering

Each of the online degrees require one mandatory orientation on campus, though students can petition to attend virtually if extenuating circumstances prevent on-campus attendance.

Each of the programs also allows students to choose from focus tracks, such as criminal law, signal processing and communications, and quality and reliability engineering, among others. Credit requirements for each of the dual-degrees vary and require a combination of courses from the MBA and respective MSE, MS, or MLS programs. Each MBA portion of each dual-degree requires a capstone course, while the MSE program requires a comprehensive test. Note that all dual-degree programs begin in August and special admissions requirements apply.

Location: Tempe, Arizona
Format: Online, one campus visit required
Tuition: $934 per credit hour
Program length: Three years
2Johns Hopkins University – Dual MBA/ Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)View Full Profile

Johns Hopkins University offers a 65-credit online master of business administration (MBA) in conjunction with a master of science in nursing (MSN) in health systems management. While most of the coursework for this dual-degree program is online, three MBA courses require on-campus immersions lasting between one to three days each.

The program can last from three to six years, depending on students’ full or part time status. Applicants are required to submit GMAT or GRE scores, but waivers may be available. Students must hold a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) degree from an accredited college or university and a current nursing license to apply.

The MSN health systems management track coursework and practica can be tailored to focus on management and administration, information technology, health policy, or case and population management. Scholarships and grants may be awarded to students based on financial need and merit. Loans and part-time employment on campus may also be used to help pay education expenses. Many of these positions are funded through the Federal Work-Study Program.

Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Format: Online, with three on-campus immersions
Tuition: $1,688 per credit
Program length: Three to six years
3Widener University –Dual MBA/Master of Jurisprudence in Corporate and Business Law (MJ)View Full Profile

The Widener University School of Business offers its master of business administration (MBA) as part of an online dual-degree with a master of jurisprudence (MJ) in corporate and business law in cooperation with the Widener University Delaware Law Graduate and Compliance Programs.

The dual MJ/MBA degree reduces total credits required from 62 to 48, allowing the degree to be earned in two-and-a-half years. In addition to the required courses and electives, Widener University designed the program to complete five non-credit professional development workshops to enhance students’ real-life applications of their studies.

The dual MJ/MBA degree includes six terms per year of seven weeks each in length, and students must complete two capstone courses for the dual-degree. Students pursuing the MJ/MBA dual-degree do not need a GMAT to apply, though they are expected to maintain sufficient academic progress in their MJ studies. The dual program begins in fall, spring or summer.

Location: Chester, Pennsylvania
Format: Online
Tuition: $1,004 per online MBA credit; $1,578 per MJ credit
Program length: Two-and-a-half years
4California University of Pennsylvania – Dual MBA/ Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

The California University of Pennsylvania designed its online dual master of science in nursing (MSN) and master of business administration (MBA) degree to prepare working nurse professionals for business leadership in medical settings. The MBA portion of this dual-degree program provides nurse leaders with business knowledge to support a wide range of positions, such as chief nurse officer or healthcare administrator, and to prepare those in healthcare-related entrepreneurial ventures.

The 54-credit-hour MSN/MBA dual-degree program is 100 percent online and can be completed in two and a half years or less. Among MSN courses in the dual-degree program, the nursing administration role practicum requires students to spend 150 hours with a preceptor and under the guidance of faculty to work on a capstone project.

Students are also prepared to take certification exams from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) and American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE). No GMAT scores are required to apply. Applicants must have an unencumbered RN license.

Location: California, Pennsylvania
Format: Online
Tuition: $516 per credit for PA residents, $526 per credit for non-PA residents
Program length: Two-and-a-half years
5Indiana University – Dual MBA/ Master of Science in Finance (MS)

Indiana University offers a 66-credit-hour master of business administration (MBA) and master of science in finance (MS) dual-degree fully online. The program prepares students to become CFOs who operate with business knowledge cultivated through a lens of global and social responsibility. Program participants have a total of five years to complete both degrees, and applicants must have two years of relevant work experience to apply. GMAT scores are required to apply, but waivers may be available.

Location: Bloomington, Indiana
Format: Online
Tuition: $1,380 per credit-hour
Program length: Five years
6Liberty University – Dual MBA/Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

Liberty University designed its online master of science in nursing (MSN) and master of business administration (MBA) dual-degree to offer the full content of both the MS in nursing and the MBA for professionals who need to apply critical executive business practices to the healthcare field. With the online MSN/MBA dual-degree, students learn to balance medical costs, economic factors of healthcare, strategy-shaping regulations, and important ethical considerations to ensure high efficiency and effective use of medical resources.

The 60-credit MSN/MBA program is 100 percent online with no required on-campus intensives and no thesis requirement. Students may also transfer up to 50 percent in credits of the degree total for the dual-degree program, which is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

Location: Lynchburg, Virginia
Format: Online
Tuition: $330 per credit-hour
Program length: Two-and-a-half years
7Trident University International – Dual MBA/Master of Science in Health Administration (MHSA)

Trident University International offers a 64-credit-hour online master of business administration (MBA) and master of science in health administration (MHSA) dual-degree program. It is designed to develop leaders with the skills to handle the complexity of the healthcare ecosystem. Students that pursue the dual-degree will attain the ability to practically apply foundational theories and principles of health administration, and will also be able to identify ethical dilemmas and legal issues within the context of healthcare administration and propose suitable resolutions and business plans upon completion of the program.

Trident University is a 100 percent online university designed for adult learners, specifically those with military experience. For the dual MBA/MHSA program students must complete eight MBA required courses, seven MSHA required courses and a course to complete their dual-degree capstone. No GMAT scores are required to apply.

Location: Cypress, California
Format: Online
Tuition: $540 per credit
Program length: Four years

Professors to Know from Schools with Online Dual-Degree MBA Programs

  • Stephen Friedman, JD Widener University

    Stephen E. Friedman is the associate dean for academic affairs and professor of law at Widener University’s Delaware Law School. Prior to teaching, Friedman was an associate on the trial team of the Philadelphia law firm of Dechert, Price & Rhoads. He joined the Widener faculty in 1998 and teaches classes on contracts, sales and leases, arbitration, and secured transactions. He became the associate dean for academic affairs in 2014.

    On the school’s faculty profile page, Friedman said that making a difference in his students’ lives and helping them succeed inspires him to teach. Friedman received a bachelor of arts (BA) summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Yale University and a JD degree cum laude from Harvard Law School.

  • Nicole Mollenkopf, PharmD, MBA Johns Hopkins University

    Dr. Nicole Mollenkopf is a course coordinator and lecturer at Johns Hopkins University for its master of science in nursing (MSN). She teaches courses on clinical pharmacology for the program. Mollenkopf’s practice specialties are medication-use safety and pediatrics. She served as a medication safety officer for pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins Hospital from 2006 to 2014, working closely with healthcare staff to improve medication safety in the children’s center.

    She also served as the postgraduate year two medication-use safety residency director from 2011 to 2014. During her time there, she successfully led numerous interdisciplinary quality and safety projects that improved care for pediatric patients. Her primary research focus is the use of Lean Sigma methodologies as well as technology to improve the quality and safety of the medication-use process. Mollenkopf completed her doctorate of pharmacy degree at the Temple University School of Pharmacy and MBA in medical services management at the Johns Hopkins Carey School of Business.

  • Mary O’Connor, PhD California University of Pennsylvania

    Dr. Mary O’Connor is a professor of nursing at the California University of Pennsylvania (Cal U). O'Connor developed the fully accredited MSN program in nursing administration and leadership and served as the global online coordinator of the MSN programs for ten years. In addition, O’Connor assisted with the development and launching of the MSN in nursing education and MSN-MBA programs.

    One of her major roles as a professor is to assist students in their capstone course development and practicum projects, many of which are completed in the healthcare organizations where they are employed. O’Connor has been a legal nurse consultant for over 30 years. She holds a bachelor of science in nursing from Carlow College, as well as a master of science and a doctorate degree in nursing from the University of Pittsburgh.

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