Online No GMAT MBA Programs - No Entrance Exam Required

For aspiring entrepreneurs, executives, or others working in private business, earning a master of business administration (MBA) is an important step in their careers. MBA programs, which often last two years, can have a beneficial long-term impact on one’s salary prospects. In fact, according to a Salary Survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), the average starting salary for MBA graduates was $82,372, compared to $54,392 for bachelor’s degree graduates.

Of course, pursuing an MBA can be grueling; the coursework is difficult, and students may need to travel to a campus for classes multiple times each week, forcing them to make personal and professional sacrifices while they study. To accommodate workers who wish to keep their jobs while they study, a growing number of business students are choosing to complete an online MBA program.

Flexible, distance-based MBA options can accommodate people living in rural regions or people with unbreakable familial or professional commitments. Not surprisingly, students in online programs must be highly self-motivated and able to keep to a tight schedule without much direct oversight. Furthermore, without a classroom atmosphere, online MBA programs require students to work with the virtual support of peers and professors.

One of the common impediments to enrolling in an MBA program is the test score requirement. The GMAT is widely considered one of the most difficult standardized entrance exams, and many students, especially those who don’t excel at the test-taking process, may rather avoid taking it altogether.

This is not to say that all applicants will be exempt from taking the GMAT for certain programs. While the programs in this guide do not require GMAT scores, there are some programs that offer GMAT waivers for students who meet specific criteria; for example, students who apply to the MBA program at Missouri State University do not need to submit GMAT scores if they meet all of the following criteria:

  • Earned a 3.25 cumulative GPA
  • Admitted to or have graduated from a Missouri State COB in the past five years or graduated with a business degree from an AACSB-accredited school in the past five years
  • Completed a minimum of 80 hours at the time of application
  • Meet all English proficiency requirements

Similar criteria exist for the MBA program at East Carolina University; specifically, applicants are exempt from submitting GMAT scores by meeting one or more of the following requirements:

  • If they have completed an advanced degree, which requires an entrance exam (GRE, LSAT, etc.)
  • If they have completed five or more years of full-time professional experience
  • If they have been inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma
  • If they are a graduate of ECU’s Honors College

Overall, anyone who aspires to complete an MBA but is wary of taking the GMAT (or submitting their current scores) is encouraged to consider one of the programs below that does not require GMAT scores. The following outlines several online MBA programs that accept applicants without GMAT scores.

Featured Online MBA Programs with No GMAT Required

Becca Brewer, MEd
Becca Brewer, MEd

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