5 Schools with Exceptional Operations and Logistics MBA Faculty

A master of business administration is the most coveted degree for those who wish to pursue a leadership track in business. MBA programs generally focus on various business fundamentals such as marketing, economics, finance, operations, human resources, and leadership. Operations management and logistics is a concentration that focuses on supply chains and the efficient management of product demand. Most online and on-campus MBA programs offer this concentration.

Students pursuing an MBA specialization in operations and logistics are introduced to several concepts in price and demand management. Some of these include supply chain management, sustainable operations, risk management, and service management.

Students learn how to formulate an effective operations strategy, optimize roles for operations, and use six sigma techniques.

The following guide covers five schools that stand out with exceptional professors of operations and logistics.

Carnegie Mellon University, Tepper School of Business

Carnegie Mellon University is a private university that is globally renowned for its education and research. It provides students with a cutting-edge environment to thrive and grow. The Tepper School of Business of Carnegie Mellon University offers a comprehensive business education to students focused on innovative ideas and creative solutions to longstanding issues across industries.

The Tepper MBA program prepares students to become next-generation business leaders. The operations management concentration covers topics in demand management, supply chain management, operations strategy, and risk management.

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    Sunder Kekre, PhD

    Carnegie Mellon University

    Dr. Sunder Kekre is a distinguished BOSCH professor of operations in CMU’s Tepper School of Business, where he teaches classes in operations management, strategic management of the enterprise, supply chain management, and strategic management of regulatory and risk management technology.

    His research focuses on the strategic cost of product designs, new product development structures, emerging global supply chains, and lean innovation. His research also has been published in respected journals such as the European Journal of Operational Research, Operations Research, and the Journal of Manufacturing and Operations Management. Dr. Kekre is the recipient of many honors, including the TATA Merit Award and the Dempo Chair Professorship.

    He completed his doctorate in production and operations management and master’s at the University of Rochester, his MBA from Xavier Institute in India, and his bachelor’s degree from the Indian Institute of Technology.

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    Sridhar Tayur, PhD

    Carnegie Mellon University

    Dr. Sridhar Tayur teaches operations management at the Tepper School of Business, where he leads classes in healthcare operations, operations management, service management, the foundations of operations management, and a seminar in manufacturing management.

    Dr. Tayur’s research explores areas in healthcare operations, software entrepreneurship, supply chain management, and quantum computing. He has published his work in top-notch journals, including the Journal of the American College of Cardiology and Operations Research. Dr. Tayur also has won numerous awards, such as a Distinguished Alumnus Award and the Pierskalla Award.

    He earned his doctorate and master’s in operations research from Cornell University and bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from IIT Madras.

Michigan State University, Eli Broad College of Business

Founded in 1855, Michigan State University is a top global university that offers more than 200 programs of professional, graduate, and undergraduate study. The Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University is one of the largest business schools in the country. It enrolls more than 8,000 doctoral, master’s, and undergraduate students. Its programs help students create positive changes in the world, build relationships, and solve complex and global business problems.

The college’s full-time MBA program provides students with an understanding of the dynamic world of business, and the supply chain management MBA curriculum has been ranked as one of the best in the country. By illustration, the supply chain MBA lab provides students with the latest software statistical tools and technology so that they can simulate and study the intricacies of real-world supply chains.

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    Yemisi Bolumole, PhD

    Michigan State University

    Dr. Yemisi A. Bolumole is a professor of supply chain management in the Eli Broad College of Business. She teaches courses in logistics and transportation management, supply chain logistics, integrated logistics systems, and logistics operations methods and systems. Before joining Michigan State University, she worked at the University of North Florida.

    Dr. Bolumole’s research examines the supply chain implications of third-party logistics, performance metrics for outsourced logistics, and the strategic implications of supply chain management. Apart from teaching, she is also a part of professional organizations such as the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals and the APICS. She has published her work in the Transportation Journal, the Journal of Business Logistics, and the International Journal of Logistics Management. She is also a recipient of an Outstanding Teaching Award and a Doctoral Scholar Award.

    Dr. Bolumole completed her doctorate in logistics and supply chain management and her master of science in energy conservation and the environment at Cranfield University; her master’s in business and management at the University of East London; and her bachelor’s degree in biochemistry at the University of Lagos in Nigeria.

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    Stanley E. Griffis, PhD

    Michigan State University

    Dr. Stanley E. Griffis is a professor of business administration and logistics at Michigan State University, where he teaches supply chain logistics, logistics and transportation, logistics system analysis, supply chain management, and supply chain technology and applications.

    Presently, Dr. Griffis’s research focuses on lean and agile logistics systems, social network impacts on supply chain management, reverse logistics, and the role of logistics in customer satisfaction and loyalty. He is a member of several professional organizations, such as the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals and the Decision Sciences Institute. His work has been published in the Journal of Business Logistics, the Transportation Journal, and the Journal of Transportation Management. He also has received many honors such as the Highly Commended Reviewer Award and the Bernard J. Lalonde Award.

    Dr. Griffis has a doctorate in business administration, marketing, and logistics and a master’s in logistics from Ohio State University, a master’s in logistics management from the Air Force Institute of Technology, and a bachelor’s in history from Assumption College.

Pennsylvania State University, Smeal College of Business

Founded in 1855, Pennsylvania State University has 24 campuses throughout Pennsylvania. This includes two law schools, a medical college, and a school of graduate professional studies.

The Penn State Smeal College of Business provides an internationally ranked MBA program with a concentration in supply chain management. This program helps students develop their expertise in logistics management, sourcing, conversion, and procurement. Leadership communications, negotiations, and business ethics are also a hallmark of this MBA program.

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    Terry P. Harrison, PhD

    Pennsylvania State University

    Dr. Terry P. Harrison is a professor of information systems and supply chain in the Smeal College of Business. He teaches supply chain operations management, operations research in supply chains, supply chain optimization, supply chain principles, and supply chain immersion.

    Dr. Harrison’s research focuses on supply chain management and modeling, decision support systems, large-scale production and distribution systems, the management of renewable natural resources, and applied optimization. He has published his work in the International Journal of Production Research and the European Journal of Operational Research.

    Dr. Harrison earned his doctorate and master’s in management science from the University of Tennessee and his bachelor’s degree in forest science and forest products from Pennsylvania State University.

University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Haslam College of Business

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, founded in 1794, emphasizes the importance of seeking knowledge, innovation and integrity, diversity and inclusion, local and global engagement, and the responsible use of resources.

The Haslam College of Business at the University of Tennessee is committed to improving the world with its various programs. Its accelerated full-time MBA program builds a foundation in business knowledge and professional skills for the students. The supply chain management concentration in this MBA program provides students with real-world expertise and a global learning experience.

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    Christopher W. Craighead, PhD

    University of Tennessee, Knoxville

    Dr. Christopher Craighead is a professor of supply chain management at the Haslam College of Business at the University of Tennessee. He teaches courses in strategic procurement, supply chain management, supply chain strategy, operations management, logistics, and operations strategy. Before he joined the University of Tennessee, he taught at Pennsylvania State University, Auburn University, University of North Carolina, and the University of Texas at Arlington.

    Dr. Craighead’s research efforts examine supply chain management, global supply disruptions, risk, strategic sourcing, supply management, and procurement. He published his work in several influential journals, including the Journal of Supply Chain Management, the Transportation Journal, and the Journal of Business Logistics. He also is the recipient of the Outstanding Teaching Award and Outstanding MBA Teacher of the Year Award.

    Dr. Craighead has a doctorate in operations management from Clemson University, as well as an MBA and a bachelor’s degree in computer science from East Tennessee State University.

Georgia Institute of Technology, Scheller College of Business

Founded in 1885, the Georgia School of Technology, also known as Georgia Tech, is committed to improving the world with technology and advanced science. The school enrolls more than 25,000 graduate and undergraduate students in a variety of fields including engineering, business, and liberal arts, among other areas of study.

The Scheller College of Business of the Georgia Institute of Technology offers a full-time MBA program with an operations management concentration that provides students with a thorough understanding of supply chains, operations management, and product innovation.

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    Yih-Long Chang, PhD

    Georgia Institute of Technology

    Dr. Yih-Long Chang is a professor of operations management in the Scheller College of Business. He teaches courses in operations management, computer models in operations management, operations information systems, operations design, and operations planning and control.

    His research focuses on operations management with an emphasis on the applications of information systems, management science, and operations research. Dr. Chang has been published in prominent publications, including the International Journal of Production Research, the European Journal of Operational Research, and Naval Research Logistics. He is the recipient of a Best Paper Award in Production and Operations Management Track and University Fellowship.

    Dr. Chang completed his doctorate in operations management at the University of Texas, his master’s in management information systems from the National Chiao-Tung University in Taiwan, and his bachelor’s degree in electrical and computer engineering from the National Taiwan University.

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    Ravi Subramanian, PhD

    Georgia Institute of Technology

    Dr. Ravi Subramanian is a professor of operations management in the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Scheller College of Business, where he teaches the operations management core course of the MBA program and the executive MBA course on manufacturing and service operations management. He has also taught the executive MBA course on global supply chain management.

    Dr. Subramanian’s research centers around the intersections of operations, environmental sustainability, and supply chain decisions. He has published his research in esteemed journals such as the Journal of Operations Management and Production and Operations Management. He is the recipient of the Inaugural Best Department Editor Award and the Brady Family Award for Faculty Teaching Excellence.

    Dr. Subramanian completed his doctorate and master’s in industrial and operations engineering at the University of Michigan, his MBA at the Indian Institute of Technology, and his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at the Birla Institute of Technology and Science in India.


BSchools used the following criteria to select professors for inclusion in this list:

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