Business Schools in New York (NY) with Online MBA Programs

Washington DC may be the administrative capital of the U.S., but the center of practically everything else—finance, banking, advertising, media, and publishing—is New York.

With a $1.7 trillion economy, the state holds the headquarters of 10 percent of the country’s 1,000 largest companies. Considered the best place for small businesses in America, New York boasts an educated labor pool, large VC investment, and significant cultural resources which make it an economic force to be reckoned with—and the networking opportunity for business professionals is unrivaled.

While bureaucratic red tape, high taxes, and unionized workforces prevent the state from being a full-on Mecca for business, tax-based incentives, operational support, and globally-positioned marketplaces make it an attractive starting place for many of the business world’s elite.

Online MBA programs let you build professional business skills from anywhere in the world, and often with a financial windfall attached; in fact, graduates of such programs can double their salaries and prime themselves for leadership positions in their area of expertise. And with more options available than ever before, prospective MBA students can now choose a program based in New York that allows them to leverage the state’s many positional advantages in networking and resources.

These programs boast award-winning faculties and top-level industry partnerships that keep course material fresh, relevant, and specific, while many schools also have residencies (usually over a weekend) that provide the opportunity to meaningfully engage face to face with the state’s business networks.

If you’re ready to pair the power of an online MBA with the unique advantages of a New York-based business school, check out some of the programs and faculty members below to get an idea of where to start.

Featured Online MBA Programs in New York

Syracuse’s Whitman School of Management was one of the first schools to ever achieve accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), and their online MBA program maintains those high standards, with an award-winning faculty, global networking opportunities, and personalized career coaching for students.

Core business classes include subjects such as data analysis and decision making, global entrepreneurial management, microeconomics, an introduction to IT and e-commerce, and supply chain management. Electives explore areas such as strategic brand management, marketing research, Six Sigma, venture capital, and derivatives. Through the course of their studis, students can specialize in accounting, business analytics, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing management, or supply chain management.

The program consists of 54 credits: 36 core, 15 elective, and three residency. Although the courses are administered online, students are required to attend three in-person residencies, which are held in major U.S. and international cities as well as on the Syracuse campus; these residencies function much as business conferences would. Applicants should note that GMAT scores are required as part of the admissions process, but may be waived with five years or more of professional experience.

Location: Syracuse, New York
Accreditation: Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)
Expected Time to Completion: As few as 24 months, with part-time options also available
Estimated Tuition: $84,186 (total)

Utica’s online MBA program offers several in-demand specialization options that can target an MBA towards a student’s particular area of focus, and hone those skills through real-world application.

Core coursework explores business fundamentals through classes on topics like principles and practices of leadership, financial fluency, data-driven decision making, markets and logistics, and strategy. Elective courses explore areas such as managerial economics, cyber intelligence, international aspects of cyber policy, data visualization, revenue diversification and model creation, health informatics, and managing risk across the enterprise. In addition to a generalist track, students may specialize in finance and accounting, insurance and risk management, cybersecurity, cyber policy, data analytics, entrepreneurship, or healthcare management. A separate track allow students to pursue an MBA in fraud management.

The baseline program consists of 30 credits, and may be completed entirely online. No GMAT or GRE scores are necessary to apply, and applicants do not need an undergraduate background in business or accounting.

Location: Utica, New York
Accreditation: Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)
Expected Time to Completion: Two years
Estimated Tuition: $650 per credit hour

The online MBA at Clarkson emphasizes personalization, with flexible schedules, on-demand start times, a suite of specializations, and a robust set of merit-based scholarships.

Core classes focus on areas like leadership and organizational behavior, global supply chain management, business information systems, decision analysis, and managerial economics. Electives explore topics such as fraud and forensic accounting, sports economics, data architecture, healthcare CRM, international business, and global communications. Concentration options are available in supply chain management, leadership, or entrepreneurship. Students can also choose to earn a dual MBA and MS in data analytics by completing an additional 21 credits in relevant courses.

The baseline MBA program consists of 42 credits. While the majority of the program is delivered online, the required leadership and organizational behavior course is offered in an intensive onsite weekend format at either of Clarkson’s two New York campuses. GMAT or GRE scores are required as part of the admissions process, but may be waived with significant work experience, graduate degrees, or other applied (and demonstrated) skills.

Location: Potsdam, New York
Accreditation: Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)
Expected Time to Completion: Two years, but with many flexible options available
Estimated Tuition: $1,174 per credit

Awarded for its use of technology, Marist’s online MBA is also extremely accessible, with no undergraduate degree in business or accounting required, and, as a result, the school boasts a cohort of students that comes from diverse and unique backgrounds.

The core curriculum contains nine required classes: the 21st century manager, the global environment of business, economics, an analytics bootcamp, accounting, marketing management, finance, operations management, and strategic management. Four electives are chosen from a spectrum of options that includes international economics, consumer behavior, management and collective bargaining, U.S. healthcare policies and systems, electronic marketing, and management of nonprofit organizations. Students may add a concentration in ethical leadership, financial management, or healthcare administration by focusing their electives accordingly.

The program consists of 36 credits and may be completed entirely online. GMAT or GRE scores are required as a part of the admissions process for applicants who do not already hold an advanced degree.

Location: Poughkeepsie, New York
Accreditation: Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)
Expected Time to Completion: As little as two years, and as many as seven years
Estimated Tuition: $800 per credit

SUNY Oswego’s online MBA program is rated as the best in the state of New York by U.S. News & World Report, and ranked 33rd nationwide.

Their flexible curriculum allows students to blend core and foundational classes with skill-building electives that speak to personal passions and pursuits. Core requirements include classes in management information systems, managerial finance, marketing management, management science, international business, and global organizational management. Electives explore areas such as enterprise risk management, cyber law, futures and options markets, supply chain management, and brand experience management. Each student works with an MBA director to develop a personalized study plan.

The program consists of between 36 and 57 credits, with 36 credits making up the baseline program, and 21 credits coming from foundational classes that are usually satisfied through previous achievements and undergraduate work. Applicants should note that a GMAT score of 500 or better is required as part of the admissions process.

Location: Oswego, New York
Accreditation: Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)
Expected Time to Completion: Two years
Estimated Tuition: $1,106 per credit (out of state); $619 (New York residents)

One of the top business schools in the country, Hofstra’s Zarb School of Business offers students courses taught by full-time faculty and individualized executive coaching scientifically designed by the Hogan Development Survey.

Core competency classes explore the business landscape, intensive economics, and business ethics and societies. The advanced core includes courses in accounting and financial reporting, operations management, marketing analysis, information systems for managers, and global decision making. Students may specialize in either strategic business management or strategic healthcare management. Electives in these areas include strategic planning in marketing, management of innovation and designing for sustainability, corporate financial policy, health information systems, health law and ethics, health systems finance, and marketing of healthcare services.

The program consists of 45 credits. While delivered online, the program does offer two in-person residencies: an orientation in the beginning of the first year, and a capstone program at the end of the second year. Applicants should note that GMAT or GRE scores are required as part of the admissions process, but may be waived with five years or more of professional experience.

Location: Hempstead, New York
Accreditation: Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)
Expected Time to Completion: As little as two years, or as many as five years
Estimated Tuition: $1,375 per credit hour

Hybrid MBA Programs in New York

Hybrid MBA programs blend online and in-person learning. While some of the programs listed above do include on-campus residencies, hybrid programs mix the two learning modes more thoroughly. Some hybrid programs may have classes delivered online and bolstered with weekly on-campus meetups. This sort of approach can benefit prospective MBA students who have busy work schedules and/or heavy family commitments, but still place a premium on accelerated learning, the on-site experience, and face-to-face networking. Here are three standout blended MBA programs in New York:

  • Debra R. Comer, PhD - Hofstra University - Frank G. Zarb School of Business

    Dr. Debra Comer is the Mel Weitz distinguished professor in business at Hofstra’s Zarb School of Business, where she teaches classes in business ethics and society. She received her MA and PhD in organizational behavior from Yale University.

    A prolific academic writer, Dr. Comer has published in several prominent periodicals, and she currently serves on the board of three academic journals. Prior to joining the faculty at Hofstra, she taught undergraduate and graduate courses in organizational behavior at Yale, and also worked as a consultant in organizational development for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Listed in Who’s Who in America, Dr. Comer is also a member of the Eastern Academy of Management, the Organizational Behavior Teaching Society, the Society of Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and the American Psychological Association.

  • E. Scott Lathrop, PhD - Syracuse University - Martin J. Whitman School of Management

    Dr. Scott Lathrop is a professor of marketing practice in Syracuse’s Whitman School of Management, where he teaches courses in marketing management, brand strategy, and consumer behavior. He received his MBA from Cornell University, as well as his MS and PhD degrees in marketing and cognitive studies.

    A former professor at Harvard Business School, Dr. Lathrop has also taught graduate-level marketing classes at Cornell University, the International School of Management in Paris, and Sejong University in Seoul. In the private sector, he served as a consultant on new product development, marketing strategy, and e-commerce for firms such as United Airlines, ExxonMobil, Polaroid, and Caterpillar. Dr. Lathrop’s current research focuses on adaptive and irrational aspects of consumer decision-making, private label versus national brands, and marketing strategies for consumer products.

  • Stephanie R. Nesbitt, JD - Utica College

    Stephanie Nesbitt is the director of the MBA program at Utica College, where she is also an assistant professor of risk management and insurance. She received her MBA from Syracuse University and her JD from the University at Buffalo School of Law. A former Wiley Faculty Fellow, her research is in the development and teaching of business education programs.

    Prior to joining Utica College, she was risk manager and associate counsel for Faxton-St. Luke’s Healthcare, and she’s a current member of the American Society of Hospital Risk Managers. With over 18 years of industry experience, Ms. Nesbitt has been a featured speaker at regional, state, and national conferences on topics regarding insurance cost allocation methods, HIPAA and patient privacy, and the impact of risk management on healthcare quality.

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Matt Zbrog

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