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Whether you choose to attend online or on-campus, an MBA from Syracuse University is likely to be a shrewd investment in your career. But which format is right for you? The choice should reflect your goals, personality, and context.


This may be the best time in history to enroll in MBA programs in the United States—and it’s certainly the best time to apply for MBA degrees since the dot-com boom of the late 1990s. Applications to U.S. MBA programs had been sliding for some time, with the 2017-2018 academic year marking the fourth straight year of decline.


The press and commentators have suggested the notion that unicorn founders are almost exclusively STEM (science, technology, engineering or mathematics) students or graduates of only a few highly selective research universities like Harvard, Stanford, MIT, and Berkeley. Maybe that was true at one time. However, our October 2019 analysis doesn’t support that contention. A lack of technical training from an elite university does not disqualify a founder from launching a startup that grows into a well-financed unicorn.


In the not-too-distant future, all graduate admissions consulting services may rely on expert systems similar to the ApplicantLab platform. The rich capabilities and value provided by a platform like ApplicantLab present such overwhelming competitive advantages that there is no way that a traditional admissions consultancy will be able to compete unless they offer clients their own version of this new technology.

Popular Types of Online MBA Programs

The range of options provided by flexible MBAs include evening and online courses; alternate admissions deadlines; and the capacity to complete coursework one class at a time instead of having to complete multiple courses simultaneously.

One of the most difficult parts of the MBA application process can be taking standardized tests. Some applicants just do not "test well", or do not have the time to prepare and sit for a GMAT exam. Conveniently, there are several business schools offering GMAT waiver online MBA programs, where the GMAT exam requirement is waived for qualified applicants.

Among aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders, obtaining a master’s of business administration (MBA) is seen as a crucial stepping stone towards a successful career in the business world. Reputable MBA programs provide students with valuable knowledge and hands-on training to help them thrive in the job market upon graduation.

MBA Concentrations

Online MBA candidates have many options for specialization. There is a wealth of MBA concentrations and dual-degree programs available. Prospective students can specialize in areas such as entrepreneurship, finance, technology, sports management, organizational leadership, marketing, and healthcare, among others. Explore the various concentrations offered by accredited b-schools.

Online Business Schools by Region


Some online programs require day- or week-long orientations, residencies, workshops, and intensives that are on campus. Discover accredited programs according to location.

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MBA 101: Frequently Asked Questions About MBA Programs

With so many options for specializations and customization, it is natural to have questions before enrolling in an MBA program. Check out the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) from prospective MBA candidates and find out what students can expect during the application process, throughout an MBA program, and following graduation.

  • How Do I Become an HR Manager?

    A human resources manager is a liaison between management and employees. Their role is to create spaces in which positive relationships between employees and all levels of management can be facilitated. The ultimate goal is satisfaction of the workforce and senior management.

  • How Do I Become a Music Manager?

    Music managers are a silent but critical member of practically every major band. A separation of business and art is healthy for all stakeholders, but the two invariably overlap. It’s music managers who know when to prioritize passion—and when to focus on reality.

  • Why is it Important for MBA Applicants to Visit Business Schools?

    Just like shoppers for homes, potential student “shoppers” for MBA programs may find that a campus visit can provide an insider perspective and an overall intuitive feel for the academic community that’s invaluable in deciding where to apply.

  • How Do I Become a Supply Chain Manager?

    When it comes to making a modern business a success, efficiency is the name of the game. As companies increasingly source their products along a multi-national pipeline, they’re in greater need of experts who can optimize that pipeline. Those experts are supply chain managers.