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Recently here at BSchools we pointed out that online MBA programs carry extraordinarily large startup costs, in part because online curricula require sizable investments in production facilities and equipment. These programs also carry high ongoing upgrade costs, especially at highly-ranked business schools that exploit competitive advantages from new technology. However, at one top program, a different and surprising objective behind these investments has also emerged.


Within the past 15 years, new kinds of business plan possibilities have captured the imagination of entrepreneurs. Some of these planning approaches—which embody radical departures from the process of drafting traditional business plans—appear to be gaining momentum.


The surprising study draws two remarkable conclusions. First, it found that managers who earned business degrees at both the master’s and undergraduate levels actually cut their employees' wages over time. Second, the research also found that despite earning substantially greater salaries, business school-trained managers were not more productive than their counterparts who lack such degrees.


Work-from-home (WFH) is so 2020. The latest workplace trend no longer embodies the remote work-from-home model or even the hybrid model where post-Covid employees spend one or two days a week back in their old offices. The cutting-edge trend is actually WFA, which stands for work-from-anywhere.

Popular Types of Online MBA Programs

The range of options provided by flexible MBAs include evening and online courses; alternate admissions deadlines; and the capacity to complete coursework one class at a time instead of having to complete multiple courses simultaneously.

One of the most difficult parts of the MBA application process can be taking standardized tests. Some applicants just do not "test well", or do not have the time to prepare and sit for a GMAT exam. Conveniently, there are several business schools offering GMAT waiver online MBA programs, where the GMAT exam requirement is waived for qualified applicants.

Among aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders, obtaining a master’s of business administration (MBA) is seen as a crucial stepping stone towards a successful career in the business world. Reputable MBA programs provide students with valuable knowledge and hands-on training to help them thrive in the job market upon graduation.

MBA Concentrations

Online MBA candidates have many options for specialization. There is a wealth of MBA concentrations and dual-degree programs available. Prospective students can specialize in areas such as entrepreneurship, finance, technology, sports management, organizational leadership, marketing, and healthcare, among others. Explore the various concentrations offered by accredited b-schools.

Online Business Schools by Region


Some online programs require day- or week-long orientations, residencies, workshops, and intensives that are on campus. Discover accredited programs according to location.

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MBA 101: Frequently Asked Questions About MBA Programs

With so many options for specializations and customization, it is natural to have questions before enrolling in an MBA program. Check out the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) from prospective MBA candidates and find out what students can expect during the application process, throughout an MBA program, and following graduation.

  • What is the Best MBA Specialization for Creatives & Designers?

    According to The Economist, top business schools are introducing more free-thinking, art-related subjects into their MBA programs. But what about the inverse? How can creatives and designers apply the business management skills of an MBA program back into their more free-minded careers?

  • How to Become a General Manager (GM) – Steps & Requirements

    The GM of a business department isn’t all that different from the GM of a sports team. This is a role that asks for a competitive spirit, an appetite for risk, and attention to detail. General managers come in many shapes and sizes, and their duties are primarily based upon the particular company and department they serve. For example, a GM at a tech company may have a background in IT and serve as a product manager, while a GM at a manufacturing company may specialize in supply chain logistics.

  • What is a Typical MBA Program Curriculum?

    Our editors analyzed the curricula at the world’s most popular MBA programs: those at Harvard University’s Harvard Business School, Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. More candidates apply to these business schools than any others worldwide. From our analysis, we identified the required core courses common among all three business schools.

  • What Are the Best MBA Programs for Full-Time Workers?

    There have never been more ways to get an MBA, and today it’s more crucial than ever to select a program that fits your specific needs and goals. Full-time workers pursuing an MBA may believe themselves to be at an immediate disadvantage: working 40-plus hours a week while also committing to a rigorous academic schedule can leave one wondering where the extra time is supposed to come from.