Online MBA Programs at Business Schools in Arkansas (AR)


With over 70 percent of the state covered in forest, agriculture and forestry are two of the driving industries in Arkansas. Nicknamed “The Natural State” for its stunning geography, it is positioned nearly dead center in the United States thereby being an excellent place to center businesses for a cost effective reach across the country. Unemployment rates are consistently under the national average and educational opportunities abound with 44 higher learning institutions in the state.

Six Fortune 500 companies are also based in Arkansas. The largest company in the U.S., Walmart, is even headquartered here. With annual revenues topping $500 billion, Walmart has been at the top of the list for six years in a row. Other large companies that call Arkansas home include Tyson Foods, Union Pacific Railroad, and Murphy Oil.

Businesses thrive in Arkansas because they have one of the lowest costs of doing business. Companies that are looking to start up or relocate will find competitive business initiatives that drive job growth and investments, including grants and cash rebates.

With a quickly changing work environment, it can be hard for professionals to stay on top of the newest business practices. Online MBA programs allow busy career-oriented individuals to learn cutting-edge leadership and business skills without ever having to enter a classroom.

Online MBA programs in Arkansas are excellent for self-motivated and driven individuals. Courses are completely online supported by faculty at top universities in the state. Students who work while completing their programs are able to immediately put into practice what they are learning. Often online courses can be much cheaper than on-campus programs making the online MBA a smart, affordable choice.

Arkansas has numerous high-quality online MBA programs with standout faculty ready to engage with distance learning students. Keep reading to learn more about these programs as well as explore hybrid options that combine online and in-person classes.

Featured Online MBA Programs in Arkansas

Professionals looking to advance their careers with a flexible online MBA program needn’t look further than the Arkansas State Neil Griffin College of Business. This program focuses on technology-driven global business but provides a well-rounded education so students can succeed in any industry. The faculty at the school has developed a challenging curriculum that teaches leadership, ethics, international business, and decision-making tools.

This program features two concentrations. One is a traditional concentration in finance. The second is an innovative concentration in supply chain management where students learn all of the functions of supply chains in today’s global business market.

In order to graduate, students must complete 27 credits in core courses and six credits in electives for a total of 33. Students are required to complete seven prerequisite business courses as well. These courses in finance, economics, accounting, and business law can be taken at the graduate or undergraduate level.

For admission, students must submit their official transcripts and have a minimum GPA of 2.75 upon graduation or 3.0 in their last 60 credits of coursework. GMAT or GRE scores are also required.

Location: Jonesboro, Arkansas
Accreditation: Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International (AACSB)
Expected Time to Completion: Two years
Estimated Tuition: $610 per credit-hour

At the David F. Ranking College of Business, professionals can advance their careers by completing a 100 percent online MBA program. Students learn key communication skills, develop competence in business disciplines, enhance their decision-making abilities, and learn how to effectively write reports.

With a strong emphasis on social entrepreneurship, this program teaches students not only standard business practices but also how to operate in the business world in a responsible way. Topics taught include diversity, cultural awareness, and ethical decision making.

There are three concentration options at SAU. First, the social entrepreneurship track teaches students how to lead a business with a social aim. Second, the agriculture business concentration is for students wanting to move into leadership positions in agriculture. Lastly, the supply chain management course guides a student towards competency in production and distribution. At a minimum, students will complete 30 credits for the base program and up to 36 credits with their chosen area of concentration.

Twenty-one credits in undergraduate business classes in economics, finance, and other topics are required for admission. Also, students will need to submit GRE or GMAT scores when applying. Test scores are waived for students who have graduated with a 3.5 GPA in an undergraduate, AACSB-accredited program.

Location: Magnolia, Arkansas
Accreditation: Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International (AACSB)
Expected Time to Completion: Two years
Estimated Tuition: $7,005 per year

Teaching students analysis and decision-making skills is at the heart of the program at Arkansas Tech University’s College of Business. Professionals both in and out of the business sector looking at positions of leadership will find this program to be a great fit to further their career advancement.

With all of the courses completely online, students are able to complete the program at their own pace. In addition to a general degree, there are two concentrations. The first concentration in digital marketing positions students to be leaders in the newest forms of marketing. The second concentration in data analytics trains students in cutting edge ways of using data to drive business decisions.

In order to graduate, students will complete 24 core credits and an additional six elective credits. General MBA student electives are of the student’s own choosing. Both concentrations require nine elective credits in their specialization.

Undergraduate courses in economics, finance, statistics, and accounting are prerequisites for this program. GMAT or GRE scores are required for admissions but can be waived if the student has graduated with a 3.5 GPA from an AACSB accredited institution.

Location: Russellville, Arkansas
Accreditation: Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International (AACSB)
Expected Time to Completion: Two years
Estimated Tuition: $584 per credit-hour

Hybrid MBA Programs in Arkansas

Online programs offer students the opportunity to complete their degrees without ever having to set foot on campus. However, many schools also offer hybrid programs that combine distance learning with face-to-face instruction.

Hybrid programs are excellent for students who want to further their careers without quitting their jobs or sacrificing family life. These programs allow students to take advantage of networking opportunities and build relationships with their professors while still having the flexibility of doing the majority of their classes online.

Two programs in Arkansas have monthly Saturday classes and one offers night classes. Students can get to know their peers since they meet frequently and benefit from the camaraderie of going through a distance learning program as a cohort. The following Arkansas business schools offer hybrid MBA programs:

Professors to Know in Online MBA Programs in Arkansas

  • PATRICIA ROBERTSON, JD Arkansas State University

    Patricia Robertson is the chair of the Department of Economics and Finance at the Neil Griffin College of Business at Arkansas State University. She is also a professor of business law and the faculty coordinator for the Women’s Business Leadership Center.

    Ms. Robertson practiced law for more than 20 years prior to working at ASU and is licensed to practice in both Arkansas and Tennessee. She teaches courses in real estate law, legal environment of business, and business organization law.

    Mr. Robertson is a member of the Academy of Legal Studies in Business and is a prolific author with more than ten publications in the last decade. She is also a frequent presenter covering topics such as bankruptcy, freedom of speech, and criminal law.

  • JACK TUCCI, PHD, MBA Arkansas Tech University

    Dr. Jack Tucci is the Arkansas Tech University College of Business William M. Lemley endowed professor of management. He has been teaching at ATU since 2013 but began his teaching career nearly 20 years prior. Dr. Tucci has taught at numerous institutions and has held positions ranging from instructor to dean.

    Prior to his career in academia, Dr. Tucci worked for Shell Oil and Gulf Oil, holding management positions and being responsible for pipeline maintenance and operations. At ATU, he teaches courses in management, marketing, and research methods.

    Dr. Tucci also has extensive experience consulting. His areas of expertise include organizational change, strategy, and leadership development.

  • MEGAN WHITEHEAD, MBA Southern Arkansas University

    Megan Whitehead is an instructor of finance at the David F. Rankin College of Business at Southern Arkansas University. She completed both her undergratuate and MBA degrees at SAU and is very passionate about her school. She also holds a certificate in export and trade counseling from the U.S. Small Business Association.

    Prior to completing her MBA and joining SAU faculty, Ms. Whitehead was the training coordinator and later the center director of the Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center. While there, Ms. Whitehead was responsible for all programmatic aspects of the regional office.

    When she is not teaching finance courses, Ms. Whitehead dedicates her time to mentoring or working as the South Arkansas regional director at FORGE Regional Community Fund.

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